The Junior Firemen organization was established for boy’s ages 15 to 18.Some of these first Juniors went on to become career fire fighters in urban locations.The Loudoun County Firemen’s Association was organized in a meeting held at the Arcola-Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department (APVVFD). This association later was recognized as the Fire/Rescue Commission that is in place today.  The APVVFD suggested centralized communications for better response times and coverage and that was started during this time.



The Arcola community and the Lions Club formed the Arcola-Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department.The station was constructed through donations of land, building supplies, materials and labor.The first piece of fire fighting equipment was purchased for $75.00 through the Civil Defense, a 1250 gallon tanker truck.



The first ambulance was purchased and placed in service.The first set of department by-laws were written.The Ladies Auxiliary was started to assist the fire department with fund raising and support services.The first parade and carnival was held.The Auxiliary was replaced by Associate members in the late 80’s.A Dodge Power Wagon brush truck was purchased and is still in operation today.


The first Loudoun County Fire Marshall was hired. The firehouse was used to shelter and feed 200 residents when Hurricane Agnes struck. The village of Aldie was virtually under water. By-laws were amended to allow women to become members and today there are several women running calls.



A 24-foot addition was added to the station house. The first Loudoun County Career Firefighter was hired and stationed at APVVFD. Advanced Life Support license for ambulance granted by State of Virginia. Recruitment programs to help with the future growth started.


Two additional career staff were added for daytime coverage including a medic.Plans for station remodeling and upgrade implemented. APVVFD responds to first call in South Riding in 1995. In 1999, further expansion to the station included two vehicle bays, to house our Engine and Wagon 09, a kitchenette, day room, dispatch room, hose tower, and male and female bunk rooms for evening duty crews. A new Engine was purchased and is scheduled for delivery later this year.


The new Engine (Wagon 9-1) was placed into service in January.  A new Ambulance was purchased (Ambulance 9-2) to serve the ever growing population.  In addition, a new Rapid Response vehicle (SRV-9) was purchased while we were awaiting a final decisino on the location of our new sub-station in South Riding. The vehicle allows us to have a quicker response within the South Riding community while the other equipment moves in from Arcola.


On April 14,2014 the Arcola Fire Department moved from our original home at 24300 Gum Spring Rd to our new location at 23675 Belmont Ridge Rd.  Our original location had been in operation since the station opened in 1957.  Through the years, several additions and changes were made to the building to handle the growing services provided and the needs of our community; however, with increased construction and the closure of the south end of Gum Spring Rd, the station relocated primary operations to the new station on Belmont Ridge Rd.


The original location is still used as our Annex to store additional supplies and equipment and to provide the resources needed for our Support Services group. 


In October, the company officially changed its name to the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD).

Proudly serving southeastern Loudoun County since 1957

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