Our Life Members

Life members are the very cornerstone of all fire companies and ours are no different.  These are the members who came before the majority of our current active members, these are the individuals who had the vision to create Company 9.  Our community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to these individuals:


Life Members Still Active in the Company

  • Tony Baptiste

  • Ben Brandt

  • Derrick Bennett

  • Dave Fink

  • Chris Meier

  • Allison Priem

  • Debbie St. Clair

  • Rob Vaughn



Life Members No Longer Active in Day-to-Day Operations
  • Gerry Boudreau

  • Emily Cooper

  • George Daniels

  • Walton Eamich

  • Jeffrey Edwards

  • Kit Fraley

  • Rhett Gilner

  • Roy Graham

  • Joni Johnson

  • Mike Kalasanckas

  • Butch Kinerney

  • Rebecca McKenna

  • Calvin Neal

  • Harry Pangle

  • Charles Pearson

  • Eric Pohler

  • Edwina Ritchie

  • Chris Sanchez

  • Matt Shultz

  • Matthew St. Clair

  • Daryll Wimer

  • Maria Zimmerman

Proudly serving southeastern Loudoun County since 1957

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