Mission & Values


Over the years, Arcola VFD has changed in many ways as the surrounding community has changed. Through all the changes, though, our mission, our vision and our core values have remained steadfast.

Our Mission

The Arcola Volunteer Fire Department will provide exceptional community-focused fire protection, fire suppression, emergency medical services and related public education.

Our Core Values

The Arcola Volunteer Fire Department's Core Values are:


  • Respect - for our community, for our customers, for each other


  • Integrity - in everything we do, always


  • Character - of the highest moral and ethical quality


  • Professionalism - at all times


  • Commitment - to our craft, to our duty, to our community


  • Safety - emphasized during all activities


  • Unity - with all of our fellow fire & rescue organizations

Our Vision

The Arcola Volunteer Fire Department will respond to emergency calls with fully-staffed apparatus at all times, trained, equipped, and ready to mitigate any incident.  


  • Our response will be prompt and safe.


  • Our service delivery will be professional and compassionate.


  • Our leadership – both on scene and off – will be what others seek to imitate.


  • We will work together with the Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Department and neighboring volunteer companies to provide efficient and effective fire and emergency medical services to all of our surrounding communities. 


  • We will work with neighborhood and business leaders to provide relevant and timely fire and life safety education, focusing on prevention as the best way to protect our community.  


  • We will continually strive towards technical excellence by training to perfect our craft on a constant basis.


  • We will keep our apparatus and equipment clean and serviceable to reflect the pride we have in our company and the professionalism we seek to exemplify.


Company 9 will be regarded as capable, reliable, and professional.

Proudly serving southeastern Loudoun County since 1957

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